BiggusBennus on StreamVODs

StreamVODs is a brilliant way for me to keep a record of my streams, even after they've been long deleted by Twitch. I export them to an unlisted playlist on YouTube and give the link to my Twitch subscribers. The automatic custom video titles when exporting to YouTube is really useful too!

Mac - Gamer Clothing

Dean is a true gem of a developer. His ability to create much needed interfaces that play a vital part in the company's function is unrivalled. His adaptability to overcome challenges makes him a developer you can count on

Fred from Fremily

The bot software Dean has created to help our stream goes beyond any other available. It allows us to focus on the content whilst simultaneously giving us a far more interactive stream. In the end, we're a brighter, more engaging and simpler channel because of it.

Emily from Fremily on StreamVODs

I love this system! I've been streaming for 7 years and most of that content is long gone, with StreamVODs I will be able to have my content backed up automatically with Twitch chat! It's a game changer.

Button on StreamVODs

I couldn't ask for a simpler way to upload my streams straight to YouTube. Literally 3 clicks and its done! Highly recommended for uploading VODs!

Tazziii on StreamVODs

I had been wanting an easy way to upload my VODs to YouTube for ages when I finally found StreamVODs. Now it just takes me a couple of clicks and voila, my stream is uploaded with a title and description (including chapters) automatically filled out how I've customised in settings. It has made the whole upload and organisation process so easy! You also get a landing page that helps viewers find old VODs by game or title.

Danny - Hillcrest Animal Hospital

Dean has become our go-to developer for all of our Ruby on Rails projects. We don't seem to be able to find a challenge for him that he can't deal with. Put simply, our projects wouldn't even get over the first hurdle without him.

Juliette Bijoux

Dean created a web site for me earlier this spring in 2015 and did it with complete professionalism and efficiency. He understood my very limited understanding of computer technology and guided me all the way. My website is great and I am really pleased with his work. He adjusted small glitches and problems quickly and was willing to respond quickly to improvements and other requests. He is reasonably priced and I would highly recommend him as a web designer. I would definitely use Dean again and recommend him to all my friends and family

Matt Edgley - Sukora

Working with Dean was fluid from the outset, with any issues arising being solved in a quick and timely manner. Overall very pleased with the work performed on Sukora and the business relationship that has developed between between us and Dean. Would definitely recommend for anyone who wants a trouble free development process with a flawless end product.

Hannah - HS Weddings & Events

Dean helped develop, design and maintain my website. I found his service to be very friendly and helpful. He will always go out of his way to make changes on the website for you. He completed changes quickly and always to the standard you expect. I would recommend Dean's service to anyone looking for a quality and personal service. He is very reliable and will work hard to make sure your website is exactly how you want it.