Nationwide Vet Meds


Nationwide Vet Meds


A regular client of mine, Hillcrest Animal Hospital, needed to move away from the complex Magento and wanted a full eCommerce system which was customised for their use.

The site is built using Rails 4.2 and is using MySQL for the database. The admin area is built on the back of Shoppe, an open source eCommerce RubyGem which I have contributed to in the past.

I customised the Shoppe gem by adding some plugins specifically for this site. The company Nationwide Vet Meds use for ordering products, has an FTP area for requesting products to be ordered. Both the request and response details are stored with the order.

Because NVM sell medication, some products may require a prescription before they can be sold to the public. This system has support for customers to upload prescriptions when ordering. These are then linked to the order for

Customers can create accounts to track their previous orders as well as having multiple shipping and billing addresses.

Tools/Tech Used